Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! Please refer to our Blog Post for more information!


Q: Can you tell me more about domestic shipping in the US?

A: Surely! Check our blog post here for more info: 


Q: Will this pad replace the need for my existing drum and pad practice?

A: No. The REFLEXX pad was designed to address a specific aspect of drumming and practice. We like to think of it as “part of your balanced breakfast” when it comes to your practice regimen.

Nothing should, or will replace your drums when it comes to practicing. While many existing practice pads available do a great job of what they’re designed to do, we’re here to offer another weapon in your arsenal towards complete expressive freedom on the drums.

Q: Will this pad help me play faster??

A: Trick question!

No pad, drum, cymbal, teacher, video, or magic potion will help you play faster. What will help you is dedicated, efficient, consistent, and effective PRACTICE. The REFLEXX pad can help enhance this process, and can also help develop your endurance.

Q: Will this pad help me hit harder?

A: Another trick question!

So, power comes from many different places: technique, physique, stick mass, etc.

Where the REFLEXX pad differs from standard pads is that its specific hardness and density allow you to practice at much greater velocities and dynamics, unlike more stiff, less forgiving standard pads. With this ability to fully articulate, you will, in turn, be able to practice applying more power-related concepts while away from your drums.

Q: I have some pain/injuries that I’ve been dealing with, will this pad fix that?

A: We’re sorry to hear that, we’ve DEFINITELY been there.

So, while the most important aspect on the road to recovery is following your doctor or physical therapist’s directions to a T, the REFLEXX pad could be a good addition to that process. Most drumming related injuries come from three places:

  • Improper/inefficient technique
  • Improper/inefficient equipment or setup
  • Lack of conditioning

Without those first two components making sense, all the conditioning in the world will not protect you from injury. While we’ve had a lot of success helping people get out of pain and protecting them from it, there’s no magic bullet. If you are in pain or dealing with an existing injury contact your doctor, physical therapist, or health professional before starting any type of practice regimen.

Aside from exploring the pad and the above topics we also recommend picking up The Anatomy of Drumming by John Lamb. It’s a game-changer for sure!

Q: I’m a badass. Do you guys do endorsements?

A: Great question señor badass! So, while we don’t do endorsements, we will eventually be launching a partner program. We’d love to hear from you, though at the moment the sheer volume of inquiries along with overwhelming demand for our product makes it hard to get back to everyone in a timely manner.

Before you reach out please take a look at this great piece from 180 drums and consider the points brought up, these are crucial!


For more information please drop a line at partners@reflexx.co.

We appreciate your patience!