The REFLEXX CP1 Conditioning Pad is a practice device for drummers that combines new concepts and materials along with time-tested knowledge to maximize practice efficiency and enhance any drummer’s current performance level.

REFLEXX was born out of a need to help drummers meet their full expressive potential while also addressing long-standing issues they meet every day.


While many existing practice pads are great tools, they generally focus on replicating authentic drumhead and cymbal rebound or offer rebound much greater than any actual drum or cymbal could provide.


Pads or surfaces that focus on a complete lack of rebound can lead to a deterioration of overall sensitivity, accelerated muscle burnout, and the over- development of specific muscle groups.


Most traditional practice pads’ overall hardness, density, and rigidity can lead to accelerated hand fatigue due to shock and rarely provide a surface that can accommodate a truly wide range of dynamics and velocity.


REFLEXX has designed a tool to bring aspects of both high and low bounce surfaces together, along with a specific density, hardness, and thickness to allow for a more holistic practice experience while away from the drums.


  • Develops smaller stabilizing muscles in the fingers and wrists.

  • Activates overall less articulated muscle groups to engage differently than playing on a traditional pad, drum, or cymbal.

  • Promotes control, strength, sensitivity, endurance while allowing for a greater range of velocity (you can hit it harder).

  • Up to 50% quieter than most pads available. 
  • Overall density and compression set of surfaces transmits much less shock to the stick, hand, wrist, and arm, lessening vibration-based fatigue.