REFLEXX was founded with a mission to help elevate the art and craft of drumming through research and advancement of practice devices and methods.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, REFLEXX was inspired by a personal need for evolution in the drum practice space. From an initial spark of curiosity came years of development with the help of a multi-disciplinary team to transform the idea into reality.

REFLEXX pads are 100% made in New York, with the majority of our raw materials also formulated in the USA.

Guy Licata: Designer, Founder, and CEO

A drummer with over 20 of years experience between the performance, touring, recording, education, music technology, and business spheres, Guy’s talents and vision have brought him across the globe. 

Guy is an alumnus of The Drummers Collective in NYC where he later went on to become a full-time faculty member. A student of Jim Chapin and Jojo Mayer, his pedagogy focused on hand and foot technique as well as reverse engineering electronic music on the acoustic drum set. 

As a touring and session musician, Guy has performed with numerous major label acts, as well as dozens of indie and DIY artists and bands. His credits include multi-platinum selling releases and worldwide tours ranging from clubs and theaters to major festivals and arenas.

When family life shifted his focus off the road, Guy found himself working on the business and technology side of music where he was exposed to cutting-edge concepts of efficiency, optimization, and product development. It was here where he first found the inspiration for the REFLEXX pad, in both form and function.

An active performer, session musician, and educator, Guy is a proud endorser of Sonor Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, and Vic Firth Sticks.

John Fell: Prototyping, Design, and Production Consultant

A New York City native, John’s musical career spans over three decades of touring and session work with major label acts as well as countless indie groups. A stalwart of the NYC music scene from throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000’s, his reputation as an innovative and progressive player is displayed not only through his creative output but also in his approach to the instruments themselves.  

John’s unbridled passion for mechanical engineering and technology can be seen through his ability to design, fabricate, and implement forward-thinking concepts. This intuitive capacity became a hallmark of his sound and quickly garnered the attention of the NYC drumming community where he became a highly sought- after drum and hardware fabricator, restorer, and designer. 

As a partner at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn, John continues to inspire the drumming community with his boundless knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in the field. 

Arthur Gandy: Prototyping and Fabrication

Arthur was responsible for bringing our designs to reality and into the hands of our first beta group. A seasoned touring musician himself, Arthur immediately understood our goals and more than exceeded our expectations with his rapid prototyping and fabrication skills. 
As the co-owner of Allsorts Inc. in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Arthur, and his team have lent their talents to ABC, Motorola, Porsche, HSBC, NBC, West Elm, Puma, and countless others. 

Pat Mahoney: Design Consultant

Most widely known as a founding member and drummer for LCD Soundsystem, Pat’s early involvement in the REFLEXX design process was an invaluable development resource. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Pat’s understanding and expertise in industrial design, machining, sculpting, and fabrication helped guide the evolution of the pad.   

Jessie Nelson: Design Consultant

A musician, audio engineer, and furniture designer, Jessie has produced and performed music around the world for over a decade. 

In 2007, his technical and creative interests collided to inspire a career in furniture design and fabrication. He was soon creating works for the likes of MoMA, The Ace Hotel, Roman & Williams, Serato, and Warby Parker among others. 

Jessie's extensive knowledge of alternative materials, applications, and techniques can be seen through his Knuckle on Bone Collection, and throughout his work at Jessie Nelson Studio