International Shipping

Hey all,

Just wanted to take a moment to share some more info on overseas shipping and how we go about it as we get a LOT of questions about this topic in particular.

So, while many smaller US based manufacturers and retailers will at times forgo sales and shipping outside of the country or continent, we decided that we wanted to make our products available to everyone who wanted them. 

This can get tricky at times since international duties, customs fees, taxes, tariff, VAT, duty advancement, broker’s fees etc can all differ from country to country.

REFLEXX does NOT collect any of these these fees at the time of your order, nor are we responsible for these associated costs. 

Any and all international duties, customs fees, taxes, tariff, VAT, brokers fees, duty advancement and all other charges that might incur due to the import of goods from REFLEXX to outside of the United States are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Since these fees will be different for everyone, we recommend you research them for your country in particular before placing your order so you can have a better idea of what final costs will be. 

While we have negotiated very competitive shipping rates, we are NOT in any way responsible for the aforementioned fees, and have always messaged this as clearly as possible prior to, and at checkout to avoid any confusion or surprises once your item gets to you.

Due to the volume of sales we currently see we are unable to calculate, accept or process these fees beforehand. However, we are always looking for solutions to potentially streamline this process more in the future and will keep you updated if and when our current capabilities change. 

For now, our process involves our international carrier advancing payment on these associated fees in order to get the product into your country. Following that, your item is held until those fees are reimbursed (this can take place online or in person if you are near one of their locations). An additional Duty Advancement Fee is then also added to the costs for the service.  

If for ANY reason an international shipment is refused and returned to us, international customers are solely responsible for covering these return costs incurred. 

There are some instances where these Advancement Fees can be reduced, however this again depends on your location. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any other questions you may have about international purchase and shipping, we’re here to help as best we can!!

Thanks again for your continued interest in our product!


Guy Licata

Founder and CEO